Speak With A Picture


Speak With A Picture (SWAP) is a project aimed at pre-school children aged 2-4 year olds who live in the London Borough of Barking & Dagenham.

The programme is designed to support children who experience social and communication difficulties and supports them and their families to learn to communicate using symbols based on the PECS® (Picture Exchange Communication System).

The programme runs over a 10 week period and is made up of parent sessions and individual child sessions. The 5 parent sessions focus on the six phases of PECS and we use video’s, demonstrations and presentations to inform parents on how to implement each phase of PECS® at home and in their wider community. The 5 child sessions are designed to suit the individual needs of each child and we work with parents to model attention & listening and play skills and provide them with the tools and technique in how to support their child to begin to become an independent communicator using symbols.

The feedback from the families is extremely positive

  • 100% of parents stating that they would recommend SWAP to other families
  • 100% of parents felt that they had seen a reduction in challenging behaviours
  • 100% of parents seeing a positive increase in their child’s social interaction skills.

Please contact the SWAP Team at SWAP@sycamoretrust.org.uk or telephone 020 8517 9317 for further information.

For families living outside Barking & dagenham, SWAP is available as a chargeable service.  Please contact annmarie.lyonsmummery@sycamoretrust.org.uk for further information.

To download the SWAP Referral Form, click here