Supporting the needs of individuals and families/carers for whom Autistic Spectrum Disorders and/or Learning Difficulties are a part of daily life

The case of the ghostly child

If there are any benefits of the lockdown, it's helped us to unearth some serious creative talent.  A couple of weeks ago, we started to put together a newsletter compiled entirely of contributions from members of Alpha & Bravo groups, who are part the life skills project that operates fr...

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Can you help the Sycamore Trust?

Here at Sycamore Trust, we're committed to providing the best possible help and support for families for whom autism is part of their daily life.  Autism affects 700,000 indi...

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Parenting Pathways explained

Sycamore's Emma Marston explains the importance of Parenting Pathways (Emma is pictured third fcrom left in the photo from the 2019 Children & Young People's Awards, where Pa...

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