Meet the Team

Here at Sycamore Trust U.K. we have a dedicated staff and volunteer team.

Meet the Staff

Chris Gillbanks – Chief Executive Officer

Keith Smith – Development Manager

Lynn Chapman – Office Manager & Way2Say Coordinator

Jean Rayner – Parenting Pathways Project Manager

Martin Pringle - Finance Officer

Chris Goodwin – Administrator / Project Leader

Debbie Gadbury - Family Support Worker

Ryan Murphy – Project Administrator

Nikki Murphy – Support Work Coordinator

Kent Lowe - Volunteer Coordinator

Sue Cornell – Activities Coordinator

Robert Lamb – RAAR Project Coordinator

Alex Rowley – Autism Ambassador Coordinator

Matt Dyde – Support Worker

Not forgetting all our other staff and volunteers who work at our clubs and sports.

Meet our Trustees

Jeff Stafford– Chair

Delia Rowley – Vice Chair

Vanessa Bennett – Secretary

Matt Howes – Treasurer

Dave Collier – Trustee

Judy Nair – Trustee

Jo Baty - Trustee

Nyomi Thomson - Trustee

Roger Lawson - Trustee Co-opted