Support Work

Support Work

Support Work

What is the Support Work Service?

Our Support Workers are trained to work with Autistic people on a one-to-one basis, enabling them to access social activities, education settings, travel on public transport or simply visit the local shops. Sycamore Trust U.K. can assist with designing personalised programmes according to the wishes and needs of the Client.  We support individuals to become active members of their community and to participate, as desired, in events of their choice and also offer brief respite for the rest of the family.

Who is the Support Work Service for?

Adults and young people, from age 8 upwards, who have a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorders.

How much does the service cost?  

The service can be self-funded or can come from Direct Payments courtesy of your local borough.  Please check on 020 8517 9317 for current rates.

How does the service work?

Once a referral has been made, the Project Manager will visit the Client and family / carer to complete an initial assessment.  This gives the opportunity to find out about the Client, including their needs, wishes, likes and dislikes, and any other relevant information.  This enables us to assess the level of support that the Client requires. At the initial assessment, the Client and family/carer will have the opportunity to discuss what they want to achieve from the Support Work Service. All of this information gathered will be taken into account when matching a Support Worker to the Client and to ensure that the right level of support is put into place.  Once a Support Worker has been selected, there will be an introductory visit between the Client, family/carer, Project Manager and Support Worker.  Regular visit days and times will then be set.  The first one-to-one Support Worker visit is usually carried out in the Clients’ home to give time for the Client to get to know the Support Worker and to become comfortable with them.  Subsequent visits can take place either in the Clients’ home or out in the community, dependant on client or family/carers needs and wishes. 

Please note that Sycamore Trust U.K. is not a care agency and do not provide any form of personal care (i.e. bathing, toileting etc.).

What are the benefits of having a Support Worker?

There are many different situations where a Support Worker can be beneficial to a Client.  It may be that the Client wants to access work or volunteering, or that they need support when socialising or accessing activities in the community but are unable to do this alone.  Having a trusted Support Worker by their side can relieve the anxiety that could be experienced in these situations.  This can increase independence, confidence and self-esteem. Clients are always positively encouraged and supported. All clients are individuals and as such the service is tailored to their needs and the outcomes are personalised. 

How do I apply?

Referrals can be made from professionals or parents/carers. Contact  for a referral form, or call the office on 020 8517 9317.