Adult Services

Sycamore Trust U.K. offers a range of services designed for adults with Autistic Spectrum Disorders and / or Learning Difficulties.

18-25 Group

This group was set up with the aim of providing a safe and structured environment for 18-25 year olds with Autistic Spectrum Disorders and / or Learning Difficulties.

The club is designed to improve confidence particularly in social situations, independent living skills and raise self-esteem. The club is the perfect opportunity to meet new people and build social and life skills as well as experiencing different and possibly new activities. Each member has the opportunity to plan the activity schedule which is entirely user led.

Previous sessions have included such activities as cooking, games night, quizzes, life skills and many trips into the community such as cinema visits, bowling, meals out and many others. We have two sessions a month on the 2nd Friday (which is held in the club) and a session on the 4th (which is held out in the community).

The group is supported by experienced workers who encourage and empower the users while at the sessions. If you would like more information on the 18-25 Club or would be interested in joining please email

Adult Social Groups

We currently run a social group for adults with Autistic Spectrum Disorders and / or Learning Difficulties, who live independently or in supported living. One group runs during the daytime and the other in the evening.

Social support is provided in a warm and friendly atmosphere with caring staff and volunteers who are happy to support.

The group take part in various activities, such as: crafts, games, bingo, listening to music, flower arranging or simply just to have a chat with friends.

The group also makes regular visits out into the community to participate in local activities, for example: bowling, cinema, eating out and theatre trips.

Refreshment are available to purchase at both groups.

Parenting Pathways

The Parenting Pathways Project offers advice and support to male and females adults with learning difficulties to help develop their understanding regarding making the right choices and be empowered to plan for their future relationships. There are four programmes that can be accessed at any stage.

Programme 1

Sexual Health, relationships and Sexuality.

Programme 2

Contraception offering advice and support.

Programme 3

Advice and support regarding Maternity and Pregnancy.

We offer support to women who are having a baby to access parenting groups, attend antenatal classes and appointments and teach them basic skills in looking after themselves and their baby. 

Programme 4

Parenting Education.

We offer support once the baby is born in how to be a good parent and keep the baby safe and well looked after, healthy eating and how to interact with the baby or toddler.

The other programmes we run can be on a 1: 1 basis or in group sessions the aim is to encourage personal care, develop understanding regarding relationships, keeping safe and appropriate touching, we also offer information on contraception and sexually transmitted diseases.

Who is the Programme For?

Adults both male and females and pregnant women with learning difficulties living in Havering, Redbridge, Barking & Dagenham and reach the disability criteria.

Our staff take time to listen carefully to what help, support and guidance the client needs and each person is treated on an individual basis.


The programmes and support are accessed via a referral. A referral can be made by any professionals, A Day Centre, Local Authority or self-referral. Clients need to meet the learning disability eligibility criteria.

Romford Autism Hub


The Autism hub is about putting Havering residents with Autism in control of the delivery and accessibility of local services and opportunities. The hub will focus on better health outcomes by supporting adults with Autism to focus on resilience, support networks and coping strategies.

The hub will work with partners at local hospitals, GP surgeries, dentists and other health service providers to achieve these outcomes.

The hub will develop services in partnership with local colleges and the job centre to support adults with Autism who are not in education, employment or training and assist them through the application process to enrol on local training courses.

The hub will provide:

  • Access to Information Technology and Internet
  • Autism Ambassadors
  • Autism Awareness
  • Family Support
  • Online Support Forum
  • Parent Support Group
  • Provision of Quiet Space
  • Self-Advocacy Support
  • Sign Posting and Advice
  • User and Peer Support Groups
  • Volunteering
  • Youth Clubs