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Posted: 23rd January 2019

Back to Square One!

#Autismfacts continues

Our series of images about autism on social media is now into it's third week and it's gaining plenty of followers.  Thanks to the help of the creative experts at Alchemy Creations, we've come up with a series of images specially tailored towards social media and smart phones.

Each of the images contains a fact, or a quote or general information about autism, all designed to raise awareness of the Sycamore Trust and our Dare to be Different campaign, which peaks this April during Autism Awareness Week.

You can keep up with the Autism facts by following us on instagram, twitter, Facebook or Linked In or by searching for #autismfacts when you're on social media.  Please follow, like and above all; share!

For more on Dare to be Different, click here: http://www.sycamoretrust.org.uk/latest/article/Dare-to-be-Different%21