Posted: 13th October 2020

Opening the floodgates!

When the Speak With a Picture programme began in autumn of 2018, we could not have predicted that it would become so successful in such a short space of time. From that very first intake, it was clear that SWAP was going to help a great many pre-school children and their families, and in it's first ...

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Posted: 9th October 2020

Here is the news!

The autumn edition of our newsletter arrived in email inboxes and on doormats last week. As usual, it was full of news and information about our recent activities, including plenty of Stubbers photographs and a brilliant short story from a very talented member of our Alpha group. Not to be missed! ...

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Posted: 2nd October 2020

Stubbers 2020 review part four

Thursday was what we refer to as a wet day at Stubbers Adventure Centre in Essex.  Which means that we spent most of the day on the lake, and it was raining for much of the day as well, so we were getting wet either way. Just as well really, because the bell boating, canoeing and paddle boa ...

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Posted: 28th September 2020

Prime Time!

We were delighted to receive a donation recently from Prime Secure Ltd, as part of their Fiver Initiative, designed to support local charity partners.  Prime Secure are a UK security company with offices in Glasgow, Aberdeen and London and they regularly support charities local to where they a ...

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Posted: 18th September 2020

Bravo Two Zero!

Our Bravo youth club is gearing up preparations to re-start and we're looking for new members!  Like many of our youth services, Bravo group meetings in Dagenham were suspended at the start of the national lockdown in March, and although we've had a very busy summer, with virtual meetings ever ...

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Posted: 4th September 2020

Stubbers 2020 review part five

Our week at Stubbers ended in the sunshine, although a drop of rain threatened to disrupt our plans in the afternoon. As is usually the case on the Friday, we stayed out of the water and focussed instead on dry land, which came as a welcome relief to some of us! It was all about a steady hand an ...

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