Posted: 27th April 2020

2.6 challenge? No problem!

  Sycamore Trust UK staff have embraced the 2.6 challenge with a range of activities in the last few days, and the fund raising efforts will continue all week. The 2.6 challenge is the nationwide fundraising initiative designed to help replace some of the money that will be missing ...

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Posted: 23rd April 2020

Join the 2.6 challenge!

Sycamore Trust staff are joining in with the 2.6 challenge and we need your support!  Like so many charities, we have been affected by the current situation and so many of our fund raising plans have been postponed because of the lockdown. This Sunday would have been the London Marathon, an ...

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Posted: 15th April 2020

Beating the challenge

With the UK now in it’s fourth week of ‘lockdown’, it’s safe to say that many of us are getting used to a new way of working. For some businesses, working from home is simple, whilst for others it is more difficult and at the Sycamore Trust, we’re constantly looking at ...

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Posted: 3rd April 2020

Happy Dare to be Different 2020!

Maybe it's fitting that today perhaps hasn't turned out quite in the way we thought it might when we started planning six monmths ago, but that is the nature of Dare to be Different. Naturally, in the current climate, we're all working from home and practising social distancing, but that hasn't ...

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Posted: 2nd April 2020

Happy Autism Awareness Day 2020!

It's World Autism Awareness day and it's probably safe to say that there hasn't been an Autism Week or Autism Day like this ever before!  But even though we're all in lockdown at home, it doesn't mean we can't celebrate this very important day in the calendar.   We had lots of activity ...

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Posted: 1st April 2020

Flashback to last year

With the current national lockdown in mind, it won't be a surprise to anyone that our plans for World Autism Awareness Week have been placed on the back burner until the current crisis is over, but it doesn't stop us from having the conversation, whilst at the same time looking back to what we were ...

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